MRA monitor: How sustainable and future-proof is the metropolis?

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) wants to be an international economic top region with a high quality of life and be both future-proof and balanced. How far along are the 31 municipalities in the region in achieving those ambitions? The MRA monitor (in Dutch only) shows the state of the region based on eight themes: demography, housing market, well-being and prosperity, quality of life , economy, labor market, energy and mobility.

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The Amsterdam metropolis is a prosperous region, attractive to many people and companies. The MRA is therefore growing, both in number of inhabitants, as well as in employment and prosperity. However, the housing market is increasingly becoming a determining factor in the differences in prosperity and well-being.

Young people have to deal with uncertainties in their work and living situation. This hinders their next steps in life and thus casts a shadow over the future. The energy transition requires a great deal of effort in many areas. It started in the MRA, but still has a long way to go.

The MRA monitor answers questions such as: How do residents of the Metropolitan Region commute and are facilities in the region easily accessible? What is the energy consumption in the MRA and how resilient is the regional economy? Are prosperity and well-being equally distributed and what about the quality of life at the local level?

Check out the interactive MRA monitor (in Dutch) of the Research, Information and Statistics (OIS) department of the municipality of Amsterdam.

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Broad prosperity

The MRA monitor examines prosperity in more and different ways than solely on the basis of traditional indicators, such as the Gross National Product. It’s not just about material prosperity, but also people’s well-being. This touches on health, access to education, the environment, living environment, social cohesion, development and safety.

The OIS department has developed this monitor on behalf of the MRA – together with the Amsterdam Economic Board, among others – and will update it regularly. The MRA Agenda (in Dutch) for a future-proof and balanced metropolis, the substantive basis for cooperation between municipalities in the region, is the starting point of the research.